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Pellet stoves can be vented to the outside of your home with a small hole through the wall, providing more options for installation. In addition, pellet stoves can be placed closer to the wall than traditional wood-burning stoves. The ease of venting pellet stoves combined with close proximity installations make it possible to install pellet stoves in practically any home, office or business environment.

Pellet burning stoves are extremely energy efficient and burn clean with almost no smoke emitted or residue left behind from the burned pellets. Most pellet stoves can be controlled by a thermostat which regulates the amount of heat produced by the stove.  Pellet bags are easy to store and make a viable alternative to stacking cordwood. One of the plusses of a pellet stove is it does not need to be refueled every few hours.

Certain pellet stoves can burn several different types of pellets for fuel as well as imitation wood logs to mimic the appearance of a traditional wood stove. Pellet stoves have become increasingly popular as more people discover how much they can save on their monthly heating bills by burning wood pellets.

Pellet stoves should be cleaned annually to prevent fires and damage to your stove. We provide cleaning service, trouble shooting and instalation of all brands of pellet stoves. 

We repair all  brands of stoves, and carry all the parts and accessories anyone would need for the do it yourself er. Along with free advise. Usually most problems with the are do to a lack of a proper cleaning  and annual service.


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People need to remember that, much like your furnace pellet stoves especially need to have an annual cleaning and service.



Exhaust system after 2 tons of pellets...Exhaust system after 2 tons of pellets...

Cleaned out inner exhaust flue combustion motor chamber. Should be cleaned twice a season or every two tons.Cleaned out inner exhaust flue combustion motor chamber. Should be cleaned twice a season or every two tons.

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